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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Daniel A. Ragland Will Attend the 2008 MADD National Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Daniel A. Ragland, a founding partner at Ragland Law Firm, LLP, has been invited to attend the 2008 MADD National Conference to be held in Dallas, Texas on September 4-6, 2008. The highlight of MADD’s annual conference is always its National Victim/Survivor Tribute which is a candlelight vigil held to honor deceased and injured victims of DUI crashes. This year, that important event will be held at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas during the evening of Friday, September 5, 2008. Also scheduled is a keynote address by the current MADD National President, Laura Dean-Mooney, during the evening of Thursday, September 4.

Mr. Ragland will attend many of the workshops planned during the day on September 5 and September 6. Some of these workshops will address various topics including, among other things, understanding and meeting the needs of persons suffering a traumatic brain injury, providing support to those grieving the death of a family member, understanding the role of alcohol interlock technology to prevent convicted offenders from repeating their drunk driving, methods to reduce access to alcohol by underage drivers, and the use of Victim Impact Panels to help show convicted offenders that innocent persons are victimized by their impaired driving.

Daniel Ragland is a civil trial attorney who regularly represents victims of drunk driving in lawsuits against the DUI offender. He has also handled many dramshop liability cases against persons or businesses who have negligently served or sold alcohol to an underaged youth or a noticeably intoxicated adult. Mr. Ragland has been an active member of MADD Georgia since 1990. He served as “Legal Advisor” and as a member of MADD Georgia’s Board of Directors during 1992-1998. Currently, he is a member of the State Advisory Council of MADD Georgia, a position he has held since 2002. Mr. Ragland has been asked on many occasions to conduct training workshops for MADD victim advocates on topics relating to civil law claims against drunk drivers, as well as civil claims based upon negligent entrustment, vicarious liability, dramshop liability or social host liability. Mr. Ragland has been invited to make presentations about civil law remedies available to victims of an alcohol-related traffic collision at training workshops conducted by MADD chapters in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Washington.


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