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Ragland Law Firm, LLP Will Host the Quarterly Meeting of the MADD Georgia State Advisory Council.

On July 30, 2008, MADD Georgia’s State Advisory Council will hold its quarterly meeting at the law offices of Ragland Law Firm, LLP located in the South Terraces at 115 Perimeter Center Place, Suite 425, Atlanta, GA 30346. The Georgia chapter of MADD is overseen by its 14 member State Advisory Council. The Chairman of MADD Georgia’s State Advisory Council is Rebecca Watson who is employed by Ms. Watson has served as chairman since 2002. The purpose of the State Advisory Council is “To provide leadership and insight on issues related to drunk driving, victim services and underage drinking and refine MADD Georgia’s systems and methods of service to assure the greatest benefit possible for citizens in Georgia.”


Daniel Ragland, an attorney with Ragland Law Firm, LLP, has been a member of the State Advisory Council since 2002. He serves on the Victim Services Committee. Previously, Mr. Ragland served as Legal Advisor to MADD Georgia and was a member of its Board of Directors during 1991-1998. In lieu of a Board of Directors, MADD Georgia is now overseen by its State Advisory Council. Mr. Ragland has been an active member of MADD since 1990.

Daniel Ragland is a civil trial attorney whose legal practice in Atlanta focuses upon severe injury and wrongful death litigation. Mr. Ragland has many years of experience representing victims of drunk driving. He is considered one of Georgia’s leading legal experts in the area of dramshop liability and the pursuit of civil claims against DUI offenders. He has handled many personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against drunk drivers, as well as bars, night clubs, restaurants and other businesses which negligently or illegally sold alcohol to an intoxicated adult or underaged motorist. Personal injury lawyer Daniel Ragland has represented drunk driving victims in Atlanta and throughout all parts of Georgia for nearly 20 years.

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