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Ragland Law Firm, LLP announces that it has made a significant financial contribution to the Brain Injury Association of Georgia. With this contribution, Ragland Law Firm, LLP has now become a “Sustaining Member” of the Brain Injury Association of Georgia (BIAG). The BIAG is comprised of survivors, family members, friends, and professionals who understand that a brain injury impacts not only the survivor, but his or her family members and caregivers as well. It is the mission of the BIAG “to improve the quality of life for people with brain injury and their family and friends.” BIAG is the Georgia State affiliate of the Brain Injury Association of America. Trial attorneys at Ragland Law Firm, LLP have handled numerous personal injury lawsuits in Georgia, Florida, and other states on behalf of persons who have sustained traumatic brain injury. These cases present particular challenges in terms of educating judges and juries about the profound effects a brain injury has upon the survivor and his or her family.

Brain Injury Association of Georgia

“The Brain Injury Association of Georgia gratefully acknowledges Ragland Law Firm, LLP for its contributions to the community of survivors of traumatic brain injury. Ragland Law Firm, LLP is generously “giving back” to the brain injury community by donating money which will enable BIAG to continue its ongoing mission to provide help and services to the TBI community.”

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